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Experts in helping new & seasoned entrepreneurs start new businesses since 1997

About Startup Business UK

Experts in helping new and seasoned entrepreneurs start new businesses since 1997

About Startup Business UK - Magazine Covers

"How can I make money?" is a question we’re often asked. By using our easy-to-search website, you can research ways to make money that will suit your budget, skills and interests.

Whether you want to invest in a high value management franchise or are looking for a low cost way to earn a few extra pounds a week, contains details of hundreds of money making ideas.

Start your own business

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect. While many entrepreneurs start their companies from scratch, the business opportunities and franchises featured on this website allow you to effectively buy your own business and benefit from concepts proven to be in demand. However, buying a business is not a decision to be taken lightly, so make sure you do your research before investing money in any opportunity.

Work from home

Our Franchise Opportunities and Business Opportunities sections can show you how to make money from home. Starting a home based business is an increasingly popular option for many people. Working from home opportunities allow you to earn money from home while keeping overheads to a minimum. Startup Business UK from home allows you to build a business around other commitments, be it your current job, children or a hobby.

We also publish What Franchise (for 11 years the market leading franchise magazine in the UK), Global Franchise (the publication for master, regional and international franchising), 101 ways to start a business & Start a business (both annual publications) and we have new titles launching later this year.

We also lead the way on the web with our other sites including WhatFranchise, MakingMoneyMagazine and GlobalFranchiseMagazine.

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