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Business Opportunities

Best in Glass

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Launched in 2010, Best in Glass is led by founding partner Susannah Schofield, who having worked as sales director for a large national business managing a team of over 300, took the opportunity to act on her dream of providing an opportunity to individuals who have a passion to work, but due to restrictions such as childcare, lack of a support network or existing work obligations were unable to provide the necessary commitment required to thrive in today’s corporate environment.

Highest standards
To position the business Best in Glass has worked with the Direct Selling Association to ensure it is working to the highest standards. The company’s efforts were recognised at the DSA annual conference this year, where it was not only shortlisted with household brand names in the most sought after industry award for ‘Excellence’, but also received its ‘Full Member’ certificate as well.

Susannah Schofield says: “The business model is to provide an interactive, sociable experience discovering the simplicity of how and why we taste wines and how to identify a wine that suits your palate. For those who are not wine drinkers, we provide the platform for hosts and their guests to make and shake cocktails, with the Best in Glass consultant providing all the equipment you would rarely find in the average home. The whole experience is based upon having an enjoyable night in with friends and family.

The Best in Glass proposition has been careful positioned to appeal to both men and women of all age ranges. The direct selling industry is currently experiencing a boom in the number of men entering the industry, as they recognise the opportunity to boost their income through a self-employed route. Best in Glass has catered not only for male customers in its product range, but also for male consultants who are looking for a non-gender specific brand.