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Business Opportunities

Captain Tortue

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Captain Tortue

Running a direct sales business from home has become one of the fastest growing business sectors in the UK, especially for women. This new breed of home-based entrepreneurs are creating exciting, successful businesses that fit in with their families and offer the perfect work/life balance.

Captain Tortue is the leading direct sales fashion company in the UK. In contrast to struggling high street fashion retailers, its sales are increasing season to season, year on year.

The difference is in the company’s innovative design and customer service. Captain Tortue consultants engage customers in a refreshingly different shopping experience. With average sales of about £250 per customer, what is Captain Tortue doing that is so clearly what women want? It begins with the consultants themselves.

They reflect the customers they sell to. From young mums who want to rediscover their style to fabulous 40-somethings looking for an alternative to corporate life and glamorous grandmothers, these women are turning their passion for fashion into a career.

When you run a business from home, a good business support system is essential. Ongoing training, career development and, more importantly, motivation make all the difference to how successful you are in direct sales. Captain Tortue puts this at the heart of its business. The French head office is in Aix, France and consultants have the opportunity to visit and see every part of production of their products - from design to delivery.

Typically, these visits are done in true Captain Tortue style. Luxury hotel, fabulous meals and meandering the cobbled streets of Aix make the business of fashion retailing a cut above the average sales job.

In the UK there is a network of local manager teams that support every consultant in running their business the way that suits them best