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Business Opportunities


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Usborne is a brand synonymous with high quality children’s books that deliver a perfect mix of education and reading pleasure. Put simply, Usborne books makes learning fun. With an expanding range of over 2,000 titles, Usborne has a product that sells itself and a market that continues to thrive.

Through its award winning direct sales division, Usborne Books at Home, Usborne offers parents the convenience and enjoyment of buying books at a generous discount from the comfort of their own home, while also providing its sales agents (known as ‘Organisers’) with a flexible and rewarding business opportunity based on the commission and bonuses they earn on every sale.

How much does it cost?

It costs £38 to join Usborne. For that, you receive a kit of books and business stationery worth over £120. In addition to support from head office, each new Organiser is assigned a Mentor to assist, train and offer ongoing support in their new business.

Organisers also have access to online training resources and additional business tools. For an additional cost (£48/year) they can purchase a company website to promote their business online.

How much can you earn?

Organisers earn 24 per cent commission on their personal sales (20 per cent on sales in schools). They also earn additional commission and bonuses on the sales of other Organisers who have joined their team.

Are there any sales expectations?

No. Organisers set their own earnings goals and are rewarded accordingly. Plus there are many additional incentives and bonuses in place to support and motivate Organisers as they grow their business. The only requirement from Usborne is that an Organiser sells a minimum £100 per year to remain on the company system.

Perfect for women of all ages, Usborne offers an enjoyable, flexible and rewarding way to boost your family’s income. MM