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Ding dong…social media calling

A new generation is leading a social selling revival as the home selling party goes online, Andy Smith, chairman of The Direct Selling Association, says Ding dong…social media calling

It’s been an interesting couple of months in direct selling, with the launch of a new, wide ranging report outlining a major survey of more than 30,000 people working in the sector across Europe.

Over 3,000 direct sellers in the UK were included in the Ipsos MORI research and their responses present some interesting findings about how direct selling is evolving, particularly in relation to the rising trend of ‘social selling’ via technology such as Facebook Live and Skype:

• The survey found that social media as a channel for direct selling in the UK is more effective for reaching potential customers than in any other European market (bar Poland, which is joint top with the UK).

• Meanwhile, while home parties and product demonstrations remain - for now at least - the most popular sales channel in the sector, those polled report this channel to be less effective than all other countries polled.

• Social media was ranked as a top channel for orders in the UK by 41 per cent of respondents, compared to a European average of 28 per cent.


There’s no doubt that direct selling has developed significantly in recent years, with a range of new brands - such as beauty company Younique - entering the UK market and several established companies adapting their strategies to appeal to a new type of customer; a customer who wants to do business in different ways to fit around their lifestyle.

Although the traditional method of selling products - home parties and product demonstrations - still dominates, there is an emerging trend for social selling parties taking place online, with guests joining via their laptop or mobile from the comfort of their own home.

For many - particularly those with families or busy jobs - this new way of doing business combines the best of both worlds: the popularity of people getting together in person to try out products in a social setting, with the convenience of doing so from the comfort of their own home via a laptop or mobile.

There’s little doubt that this way of conducting business in direct selling will continue to grow and help both new and existing brands develop their engagement with new customer groups.

And for many working in the sector, it presents an even more convenient way to fit running their business around their existing commitments. Read more like this

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