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If the end of the school holidays is making you reassess how to make the work-life juggle work better for you, consider direct selling, Lynda Mills, director general of the Direct Selling Association, says Gig Earning

The school holidays are coming to a close and for many parents there’s often a slight sense of relief in the air by September after the long - and sometimes stressful - summer juggling of childcare and work draws to an end.

But for many, the balancing act doesn’t end there.

Commitments beyond work

Whether it’s caring for young children, elderly parents or just simply the demands of family life, many people have commitments beyond work that preclude them from working a traditional ‘9 to 5’ job.

Which perhaps makes it unsurprising to see that the growth of those opting for self-employment shows no signs of slowing down.

Self-employed workers now account for around 15 per cent of the UK population, with all demographics (younger and older) opting for this style of working in growing numbers.

Reasons for the trend are varied, with some attributing it to a less reliable traditional jobs market and others asserting an increasing desire by young people to be their own boss.

But the need by many for more flexibility in their work life is also thought to be a key factor.

Burgeoning sector

What’s clear is that a growing adoption of self-employment and gig earning is here to stay and one of the results is a burgeoning direct selling sector in the UK.

Numbers of people entering the direct selling industry have been growing steadily over recent years, with a variety of new brands entering the market to take advantage of this growth, as well as the renaissance of the more established players.

So if the end of the school holidays this year is making you reassess how to make the work-life juggle work better for you, consider direct selling as a well supported step to self-employment.

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