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How To Cook Healthy And Become Wealthy!

Alice Lomas, marketing manager for Saladmaster UK, explains how you can become healthy and wealthy with this international brand How To Cook Healthy And Become Wealthy!

For over 70 years, Saladmaster has been in the business of changing lives. An international company that got its name from a food processor invented in America, the company has grown to have a presence in over 44 countries and a vast product range.

How is saladmaster cookware different?

Saladmaster offers a cooking system that has inspired generations of culinary enthusiasts to live a better lifestyle.

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or a seasoned expert, you’ll appreciate products engineered for superior performance. Saladmaster is a specialist nutritional cooking system that cooks with no water, oil or fats in an airtight container at 86 degrees, keeping up to 93 per cent of our food’s vitamins and minerals.

The cooking surface is made from 316Ti stainless steel combined with titanium, which protects the natural textures, flavours and nutrients of food. And if you needed more proof of the quality, we offer a lifetime warranty.

How can i get involved?

Saladmaster has official dealerships all over the world, which work in a similar way to franchises, but without the fee.

We operate a merit-based system that promotes and encourages entry level consultants to grow their businesses to running their own dealership within a specific territory. Check out our website and social media pages to discover your nearest dealer and book yourself a cooking show. Getting in touch is the first step on your journey to becoming healthy, wealthy and happy.

Why join the Saladmaster team?

As a member of the Saladmaster team, you inspire the kind of cooking that makes life better.

Customers are introduced to premium kitchen products that ignite their passion for cooking and provides the discovery of a career that opens doors to more financial freedom, independence and all kinds of opportunities for growth.

Aside from the quality of our cookware and the significant health benefits associated with oil-free and waterless cooking, Saladmaster is a family. From the teams at our corporate offices to our consultants and dealers, we encourage and grow each individual’s potential with a range of fantastic incentives and rewards. Read more like this

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