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How To Ensure You’re Dealing With A Legitimate Direct Sales Company

There are some simple things to check to ensure you’re dealing with legitimate companies, Lynda Mills, director general of the Direct Selling Association, says How To Ensure You’re Dealing With A Legitimate Direct Sales Company

As Making Money regularly showcases, direct selling is a valuable way of generating extra income for some 425,000 people in the UK, the majority of whom fit in their direct selling work alongside family commitments or another job.

Around two thirds of the UK’s direct selling companies are members of the Direct Selling Association. As part of their admission to full membership status, all DSA member companies commit to stringent codes of conduct, which go over and above UK law to offer additional protection to both direct sellers and their customers.

However, while this means that the majority of the sector is operating in an ethical manner, there are - as with any sector of business - examples of poor practice masquerading as legitimate direct selling opportunities.

Protect yourself

Here are some simple things to check to make sure you stay protected and are dealing with legitimate companies. A legitimate direct selling company:

  • Will never ask you for large startup costs. Many DSA members are free to join and on average start-up costs are around £100. By law, the limit is £200.
  • Will never make outlandish ‘get rich quick’ claims. Legitimate direct selling companies will explain that - like any form of work - direct selling requires hard work and commitment. It’s not, and never will be, a way to get rich quick.
  • Will behave in an ethical and professional manner. Furthermore, good direct selling companies will encourage you to behave towards your customers in the same ethical and professional way that they treat you.
  • Will pay you commission for sales of products. With legitimate direct selling companies, representatives earn through commission on sales of products.

Free advice

Remember, if you ever have doubts about a company’s legitimacy, check if it’s a DSA member. And always feel free to contact the DSA if you have concerns. Read more like this

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