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Top UK side hustle revealed

Top UK side hustle revealed

Making and selling crafts is the number one part-time business, while the north east is the side hustle capital of the UK, according to storage facilities and workspace provider Storage World.

The average sideline can boost your income by 20 per cent, the research reveals, which also listed Greater London, the south west, the East Midlands and the West Midlands in the top five part-time business locations.

Storage World’s study found that 25 per cent of people in the UK have a side hustle, with those aged 25-34 most likely to be running a business alongside their full-time job.

The most popular side hustles and their average monthly earnings are:

• Making and selling crafts - £163

• Baking and selling goods - £183

• Renting out a spare room - £241

• Renting out a driveway - £217

• Selling second hand items - £165

• Blogging - £231

• Selling beauty products - £249

71 per cent of employers in the not-for-profit sector allow employees to run a business part-time, compared to 60 per cent of public sector businesses.

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