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Oriflame Turns 50

Since 1967, this beauty company has been helping people to look, feel and live better Oriflame Turns 50

When Robert and Jonas af Jochnick quit their jobs at successful, well established companies 50 years ago, people thought they were crazy. But they had a big idea and an even bigger ambition. And with loads of selfbelief and unwavering positivity, they have made Oriflame one of the largest beauty companies in the world.

Positive change

In 1967 the brothers had an idea - to create a beauty company that would reach women across the world. And so Oriflame was born.

Oriflame quickly became, and still is, a magnet for those who strive to make a positive change in their lives and the lives of everyone around them. Those people have become symbols of success within Oriflame - symbols of the amazing things that can happen when people join.

An important part of the Oriflame foundation was to enable people to build their own businesses and fulfil their dreams. For this the founders developed a direct selling method where trained consultants were to bring the products directly to customers’ homes.

The consultants were to join at a low fee with no risk, but with a strong partnership with Oriflame based on trust, honesty and family values. With this method, Oriflame became an important social function and a community where people could get together and have fun.

Now 50 years on, Oriflame is a successful business, operating in more than 60 markets all over the world.

Popular products

When it comes to popular Oriflame products, none have stood the test of time like Tender Care.

This gentle balm has been protecting and caring for lips and dry skin for over 35 years - selling over 13 million units in 2016 alone. In other words, there was one sold every two seconds.

Tender Care was first introduced in 1979, but under the much simpler name of Eye Cream. The formula was developed for Oriflame by a premium cosmetic research laboratory in the Swiss Alps and was soon used as a multi-purpose balm.

However, in 1982 it became ‘the pink egg’ TENDER Care we know and love today. Its special formula was made with natural ingredients - such as beeswax - that were specifically chosen to hydrate, protect and nourish dry skin.

Oriflame’s 50th anniversary is a significant milestone. It’s much more than just 50 years as a company - it’s a celebration of 50 years of togetherness, spirit and passion; 50 years of beauty and innovation; and 50 years of enriching lives and fulfilling dreams. Read more like this

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